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STMicroelectronics Smart City Model

STMicro City Model
Recently, Neal's CNC collaborated with Czarnowski on a model city for STMicroelectronics to show off their smart city sensor products.

“Czarnowski’s design team and Neal’s CNC fabrication team worked closely with us to replicate our vision of a model that would integrate our specialized equipment.  The final result surpassed the expectations of all our internal clients and has been deemed one of the best demo models produced by our company to date.”
-Alison Chase, STMicroelectronics

This model was used to illustrate the Smart Environment line of products from STMicroelectronics at CES 2016. Neal's CNC engineered the model and planned, cut and constructed all the parts of it based on the drawings Czarnowski provided. We also designed and built a custom shipping crate, so it could travel safe and sound. 

The model received world-wide recognition as a part of CES 2016, and was featured on the Italian National Network in Italy. Watch below to see the Italian VP of STMicroelectronics show a video of the model we fabricated. We couldn’t be more proud!




STMicro City Model

We were very excited to work with STMicrolectronics, a world leader in providing semiconductor solutions that make positive contributions to our lives. Their innovative solution contains motion, environmental, and acoustic sensors to track a variety of data. This data can then be used to determine when your garbage needs to be collected, your streetlights activated, when you use the most utilities, and much more. This detailed information can then translate into ways to use resources more efficiently. Kudos to that! It was a pleasure to help them demonstrate their cutting edge technology and to be a part of CES 2016.